Maximum Edge Expert Skate Sharpening -


Our 7 step process provides the following benefits:

·       blades stay sharp longer

·       no break-in after sharpening

·       better control, turns, flow and acceleration

·       less friction, therefore less fatigue

·       no chatter on stops

·       increased confidence in blade edges


We offer a complete selection of hollows. ROH, radius of hollow, more commonly referred to as 'hollow' is the depth of the radius carved out of the bottom of the skate blade. The deeper the hollow, the more resistance you will feel on the ice resulting in loss of speed and chatter upon stopping. The shallower the hollow, the less resistance, therefore the greatest speed, however too shallow can cause skates to slip feeling like you do not have an edge. Our most popular hollows are:

·       9/16 inch for most hockey players

·       5/8 inch for goalies

·       1/2 inch for figure skaters

We gladly custom cut your skates to your preference or will recommend a hollow based on your needs. 


Custom Profiling

The benefit of profiling your skates is improved control of your edges. The skaters height, weight and skill level are considered when altering the profile radius of the skate blade. The amount of blade making contact with the ice, where the blade makes contact and the pitch of the blade all contribute to the effectiveness of the profile. A custom profile combined with maximum edge sharpening will provide maximum maneuverability and speed.


We offer a range of profiles from 7’ to 14’ for skaters and 22’ to 32’ for goalies, including combinations for both skaters and goal tenders.  We are happy to analyze your situation and make a professional recommendation customized to your needs.



In-house repairs:

·       skate blade & holder replacement

·       skate rivets & eyelets

·       figure skate blade mounting

·       goalie pad leather straps, toe bridge and lace replacement

·       hockey pant bachelor buttons

·       helmet screws, straps, chin cups, etc.

Hockey Accessories

Base layer, tape, laces, mouth guards, neck guards, command grips, stick extensions, skate blade guards, equipment parts, jerseys, socks & more

Goalie Accessories

Neck guards, jocks & jills, knee pads, throat protectors, overdrive blades, replacement harness for mask, screws, snaps, straps & more


NHL jerseys, t-shirts, ball caps, toques, mini sticks & more

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